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This person is a member of the experimental Atomic Molecular and Optical Sciences (AMOS) Group:
"Many Particle Momentum Spectroscopy with Synchrotron Radiation and High Harmonic Laserpulses as well as Electron Impact"

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Research Interest:

    The paragraph about my research interests is still under construction. There is more information coming soon.

    Anyways, in our group we use the COLd Target Recoil Ion Momentum Spectroscopy COLTRIMS. Please see the picture below for a schematic drawing of the experimental setup

    Figure 1: Schematically drawing of the momentum spectrometer: The target molecules, prepared in a supersonic jet going from the bottom to the top, are intersected with the pulsed photon beam in the middle of the copper rings which define a homogenous electrical field. The big coils represent a Helmholtz pair which establishes a homogenous magnetic field in parallel to the spectrometer axis. The nuclei are guided to a position sensitive detector to the left while the electrons get spiraled to the right (due to their low mass in the magnetic field).

    All experiments are carried out at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. We do measurements at several beamlines of the Advanced Light Source ALS (see about_the_ALS for more information about this 3rd generation synchrotron ring) and at our laser labs in building 2.





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    1. My Name et al. Title of the Article
    Nucl. Instr. Meth., B 124, (1997), 225
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    Curriculum Vitae, publications, images and data files can be found here.

    Please use the following link to browse my download folder: DOWNLOADS

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