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a working group of the Chemical Sciences Division of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 

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Find out about the experimental Atomic Molecular and Optics Sciences AMOS group

"Many Particle Momentum Spectroscopy with Synchrotron Radiation and High Harmonic Laserpulses as well as Electron Impact"

In this webproject you will find information about the scientific problems studied by the experimental AMOS Group using state of the art short time metrologie. You will be introduced to the organization of the group and its domain as well as the collaborations it is active in.

To get a first impression some important keywords can be given here:

    Locations of the Activities: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory building 2 and Advanced Light Source (ALS).

    Physics: Atomic and molecular science, many (or few) body problems, coincident electron and recoil-ion momentum spectroscopy (COLTRIMS), time-of-flight and imaging technique, synchrotron- and Free Electron Laser (FEL) radiation, short and intensive laser pulses and their higher harmoincs.

    People: Groupleader, Staff Scientist, Divisional Fellow, Postdocs, Bachelor- and Master as well as Diploma and PhD-students, vacancies, curriculum vitae

In addition some non-physics related links are presented.

The webpage is still under construction and an updated version is supposed to follow soon: So please stay tuned or get in contact with us in order to receive the latest information straight from the horse's mouth...

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